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The Hawaiian Inter-Club Council of Southern California is the host organization of Ho'olaule'a held each year - the third weekend in July - at Alondra Park in the city of Lawndale.

There will be continuous Polynesian Entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Games, Island Style Foods, Drawings, Prizes, Greeting old Friends, Meeting New Ones Don't forget why we come together each year to share in that spirit we call Aloha!


Pelekikena `Elele Waha `Ole
(President's Message)

Aloha mai Kākou e nā hoaloha a ‘ohana

On behalf of the Board of Directors and member clubs of the Hawaiian Inter-Club Council of Southern California, we welcome everyone to the 39th annual Alondra Park Ho’olaule’a 2017.  This year’s theme, “E Holomua Kākou,” urges us to move forward in a very positive way, the work that we do as an organization that promotes the traditional cultures that make up the fabric that is the people of Hawai’i and our Pacific Island ‘ohana.

Much is happening back home on the ‘aina that urges us to mobilize and take a stand when issues could have a grave impact on our ‘ohana who continue live in Hawai’i.  There is a Resolution that is trying to make its way through the Hawaii State Legislature that would take away from our ‘ohana, the right and privilege of voting for the trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.  Trustees are currently elected by the people of Hawai’i.  The Resolution if adopted and moves forward through the process and becomes law, would give appointing rights to an entity [not yet identified] the right to select from a pool of candidates, the OHA trustees.

It reads in part:  “there is a need to review the question of whether the manner of selecting OHA trustees may be improved upon through an appointment process.” OHA was established in 1978 to manage and administer resources held for the benefit of people of Hawaiian ancestry.  If trustees are appointed rather than elected by the people of Hawaii, this would take away “the right of Hawaiians to elect their Hawaiian leaders and Hawaiian control of Hawaiian trust assets as a seeming response to the overthrow of the lawful government of Hawaii in 1893 by the United States.”

E Holomua Kākou…….let’s move forward by urging our ‘ohana to be maka’ala and ‘eleu about how this will affect them moving forward.  The Resolution is still in committee but its history and process going forward can be followed on the Hawaii State Legislature website; in the search box link to HCR94; House Concurrent Resolution 94. 

As we continue the work of the HICCSC, we say to all, enjoy the weekend; enjoy the ‘ono food and enjoy the company of friends and ‘ohana.  This is a time to celebrate yet another year of service to the community by staff and volunteers.

Mahalo to the County of Los Angeles; mahalo also to the California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for their service to the community-at-large and  continued support of our ho’olaule’a.

It is our prayer that Ke Akua will continue to bless us as we celebrate this, the 39th year of hosting the Alondra Park ho’olaule’a.  Mahalo to our member clubs for their support and good fellowship. 

Ke Akua Pū ‘ia oukou…………..


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